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Sometimes even the best of people find themselves in a difficult situation – an OWI or Drunk Driving arrest is perhaps the most common.  If you are like most people, you have never been in this position before and likely have no idea what to do or expect. You will need an experienced and dedicated OWI defense attorney to represent you.  Stippich Selin & Cain is here to help you sort out the best options and strategies for your defense.  Facing the criminal justice system can be frightening, but we can provide you with experienced, sound guidance that will benefit your defense and give you the peace of mind you need in this difficult situation.

With your freedom, driving privileges and financial well-being at stake, retaining the services of Stippich Selin & Cain is the best choice you can make for a strong and effective defense.  Wisconsin’s OWI law is complex.  You need an experienced attorney who is mindful of the process, deadlines and long term ramifications of OWI related charges.  License suspensions, license revocations, jail, substantial fines, occupational licenses, ignition interlock requirements may all be in play.  Do not wait to contact an experienced attorney – time is of the essence in OWI matters.
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Discreet, Professional and Effective

Our experienced legal team that will provide you with individual and personal attention.  You will not be passed off to a lesser qualified associate or paralegal.  Our attorneys will be available to respond to your concerns promptly and will do the utmost to provide you with the legal representation you deserve.  We focus on matters in Ozaukee, Washington , Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Waukesha and southeastern Wisconsin but will handle matters statewide.

We take a business-like approach to all cases and we will carefully and meticulously examine every piece of evidence gathered against you.  We are discreet, professional and effective.